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People really just don’t get it at all, do they? I’m not just an unsociable moody arse because that’s who I am, it’s because whenever I make an effort with people they let me down, so that stops me wanting to be around them. I can deal with being lonely, but feeling lonely isn’t so great. I like being on my own when it’s my choice, not when I’m forced to be because nobody cares enough to maintain plans with me or even include me in stuff in the first place. Sounds like a really pathetic high school drama but that’s just how things are, I’m 18 and I still get treated like the person in the friendship group that doesn’t really matter unless somebody needs something from me. It’s not that I don’t try to be around people, my confidence has just taken a huge hit from the way people have been with me to the point where I don’t want to meet new people, but most of the people I have around me already don’t seem to show much of an interest. I hate this.

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why u scream

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